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Time and Billing Software Support

Report bugs or suggest a new feature via our Contact page

* BillingTracker's Support Policy

Download these support documents

1. 16 bit system not suitable for running Windows applications

2. Reasons the unlock key may not work

3. Multi-User mode: Setup and troubleshooting

4. How to clean your temporary folders

5. Switching from multi-user mode to single-user mode in BillingTracker Pro

6. How to uninstall BillingTracker Pro completely

7. Upgrading from version 1 to version 2 of the BillingTracker Multi-User Server

8. Moving BillingTracker Pro to a new computer

9. How to restore the BillingTracker Pro data file from online backup

10. How to find your registration code on your old computer

11. Where is my data file?

* Upgrading from BillingTracker Free Billing Software Trial Versions to Paid BillingTracker Standard or Pro

* Multi-User Server

* I bought the software, where is it?

* Unlock Codes Don't Work

* Carrying over the balance from one invoice to the next

* Remote access - working while away from the office


* When I try to install I get the error message "The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications"

* When I try to install I get a message that my printer/PDA/something else is trying to install itself

* "1/100 units of currency value" error message

* Help on downloading and running files from the Internet

* Files, Folders, and Directories - A Brief Guide


BillingTracker's Support Policy

Your billing data is critical to your business - here's how we support you:

- Free email support during your trial period

- Free email support during the first 30 days after purchase

- Free upgrades to new versions up to 3 months after purchase

- Free replacement registration code (unlock code) and right to re-download your version up to 3 months after purchase

- BillingTracker Total Care: Sign up for online backup, and you will receive FREE email support, FREE upgrades, and FREE replacement registration codes and re-downloads for as long as you subscribe.

Online backup itself ensures your billing data is safe if something should happen to your computer - and the subscription provides that extra safety net to protect your investment.

Upgrading from the Trial Version to the Paid Version

The BillingTracker Pro billing software trial version is exactly the same program as the full (paid) version of BillingTracker Pro - except that the trial version becomes "locked" after the trial period. When you purchase BillingTracker Pro, you will receive an email with a special code, called a registration key. Insert that code, and your name as it appears in the email, into the 'Register' screen. It is important to insert your name and the code EXACTLY as they appear in the email for the code to work. When you have done this, the free trial version will unlock itself, and become the full (paid) BillingTracker Pro billing software.

Installing the BillingTracker Multi-User Server

Installing the module that lets several BillingTracker Pro users share the same data file is fairly straightforward. Install it on one of the computers in your network, and then keep it running as you install a copy of BillingTracker Pro on each user's computer. (It is part of the same file that you download when you download BillingTracker Pro. When you double click on the downloaded file, you will be given an option to install the Multi-User Server). For more detailed instructions, download this PDF file.

"I bought the software, where is it?"

BillingTracker is shareware. That means that you can try it before you buy it. The BillingTracker trial is exactly the same as the bought version, except that it stops working after 20 days.

When you purchase the software, our system automatically emails to you an unlock code. Use that code in the 'Register' screen of the trial software, and it removes the 20 day limit and becomes the regular bought version.

If you bought BillingTracker before trying it, simply go to our download page and download the trial of the version you bought. Install it, launch it (turn it on), and then look for the 'Register' screen to enter your codes.

"I bought your software, but the unlock codes you sent me don't work"

There is one very common reason the unlock code may not work:

You didn't enter both fields correctly. The unlock code consists of both a 'Name' and 'Key' field. Both must be copy/pasted EXACTLY as they appear in the email. For example, Your Name is different from your name.

If this does not apply to you, please send us a screenshot of the registration screen with your details filled in. You can create a screenshot by pressing the "Print Screen" key (sometimes called Prt Scr), which is usually located in the upper right hand portion of your keyboard. Then open Paint or Word, and Paste the image. Save the file. Then use the Contact Us page to tell us about the problem, and we will send you an email address to send the screen shot to.

Carrying Over The Balance From One Invoice To The Next:

When you use the 'Design your own invoice' functionality, BillingTracker Pro lets you carry over the balance from one invoice to the next.

Note that the balance is carried forward only when you are billing just one project over and over each month (or other time period). You can't bill multiple projects for that client on your invoices.

If you don't know how to use the 'Design your own invoice' function then see our 'Invoice Templates' page.

Remote Access - Working When You Are Away From The Office:

USING A TABLET COMPUTER OR SMARTPHONE: Search RDP in your app store for remote access apps that will let you control your computer and run BillingTracker Pro while you are away from the office. 

USING A LAPTOP: You can use third-party services such as GoToMyPC or set up your own remote access solution by using Windows Terminal Server.

Terminal server allows many users to login using "Remote Desktop" to a remote server and receive a desktop. Terminal server gives each user his own environment. Basically, follow the Microsoft instructions as well as these simple guidelines:

1. Install the Multi-User Server in "User Global Mode"

2. Install the BillingTracker Pro client for each user in "User Specific Installation Mode"

See the Microsoft Web site for more detailed instructions.   


For database access, BillingTracker billing software depends on the database engine that is included free as part of the Windows operating system. This engine is called "Microsoft Data Access Components", or MDAC.

You may need to download and install these MDAC files yourself if you have an earlier version of Windows, or if the MDAC installation on your system has been damaged.

These files are FREE, and can be downloaded from:

"System file not suitable" error message

When you try to install BillingTracker, and if your computer is running Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2), you might get an error stating "The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications." or "c:\windows\system32\autoexec.nt. The system file is not suitable for runing MS DOS and Microsoft windows applications."

For some reason the installation of Service Pack 2 can cause a file called "AUTOEXEC.NT" to be corrupted or deleted. This file is part of the Windows 16-bit subsystem and usually lives in the system32 folder.

What's happening when you get this error is that the setup for that program uses an installer which is a 16-bit program. Since the AUTOEXEC.NT file is missing, it can't run the install program. 

Most people who install Service Pack 2 will not have this problem, but a few will.

Fortunately, you can fix the problem easily. There is a backup of the file living on your hard drive.

Double click "My Computer" then your hard drive (probably C drive) and open the "WINDOWS" folder. Open "SYSTEM32" and see if the "AUTOEXEC.NT" file is in there. Chances are it isn't. If it is, then it's probably corrupt. 

Arrow up or hit "Back" to return to the main WINDOWS folder. Go down to "Repair" and double click. You should find "autoexec.nt" and "config.nt" in there. Copy these files (Ctrl+C) then go back to SYSTEM32 and paste them there (Ctrl+V). It will ask you if you want to replace the old one—click "Yes". That's it.

Now try installing BillingTracker and it should work fine.

Printer is trying to install itself instead of BillingTracker

If, when you try to install BillingTracker, your computer starts to install another program like your printer driver or PDA synchronization, it probably means that you need to clear out your temporary files first, before installing.

Here's how:

You need to get to the folder called "Local Settings" on your hard drive. By default Local Settings is a hidden folder, so if you can't see it then do this: Click My Computer. Click Tools. Click Folder Options. Click the View Tab. Click Show hidden files and folders.

Next, close all running applications (e.g. shut down all your programs).

1. Navigate to the users temporary directory. By default the directory is located at C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp (replace "username" with your user name)

3. Press control A to select all files and folders.

4. Press the delete key.

5. Navigate to the Windows temporary directory: C:\Windows\Temp

6. Press control A to select all files and folders.

7. Press the delete key.

You have now finished deleting your temporary folders.

Try to install BillingTracker again.

Help on downloading and running files from the Internet:

In order to use BillingTracker invoicing software, you will have to download it and then install it. Following are some tips for those users that are not familiar with this.

Start by clicking on the link to download the free trial of BillingTracker billing software.  If you use Internet Explorer, a small pop-up screen will appear with the text,  "You have chosen to download a file from this location.  What would you like to do with this file?"  Choose "Save this program to disk" and click OK.  Internet Explorer will then open a 'Save As' screen.   If you use Netscape, you should be taken directly to the Save As screen.

Choose a folder ( technically known as a 'directory') to save the file to.  You can save it anywhere EXCEPT C:\Program Files\BillingTracker Pro (that is the name of a folder that will be created when you install BillingTracker billing software). Write down where you save it so that you can find it later.  For example, you might choose to download the file to 'c:\my documents'.  

When you click 'Save', the file (the free trial) will download to your computer.  This may take some time, depending on the speed of your connection to the Internet.

If you need some help on the the idea of Files and Folders and Directories, please read the section below. 

When downloading is complete, you are ready to install BillingTracker billing software.  Find the file that you downloaded (you did write it down, didn't you?). Close all other applications that your computer is running. Double click on the file and follow the instructions.

Files, Folders, and Directories - A Brief Guide

A "file" is a document, database, or other set of information that is saved on your computer.  If you wrote a letter with your word processor and saved it, you'd save it as a file.  For example, that file's name might be "My_Freelance_Business.doc". The BillingTracker billing software free trial that you can download from this Web site is a file.

A "folder," also known as a "directory," is something that can hold one or more files.  A folder can also hold other folders. Each folder has a name. For example, you may want to hold all your letters about your freelance business in a folder called "Freelance". You may have another folder called "Billing".  Think about a physical filing cabinet - it has folders that are labeled by subject, and each folder contains various documents.

Your computer (actually the hard disk on your computer) has one folder, called the "root directory" which contains all the other files and folders.  If your hard disk is drive C, then this root directory is referred to as "C:\".  One of the folders on this disk is called "Program Files".  It is referred to as "C:\Program Files".  When you install the free trial of BillingTracker billing software, the default location to install itself is a folder called "C:\Program Files\BillingTracker Pro" (although you can change this during the installation process). 

For more information, consult your Windows documentation or an introductory book on Windows.  If you have questions that concern topics like this, please call Microsoft technical support.

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