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Time and Billing Software for CPA & Accounting Office

Easy-to-Use Billing and Invoicing Software for your Accounting Practice
Keeping up with the latest tax law changes. Fulfilling client requests. Filing

paperwork and managing employees. If you're an accountant running your own practice, the last thing you need is to spend unnecessary time when it comes to billing and invoicing your own clients. BillingTracker Pro can help.

BillingTracker Pro is the perfect billing and invoicing software for your growing practice. Whether you bill hourly, flat-rate, retainer or even on a contingency basis, BillingTracker makes tracking your work (and getting paid!) easy.

A Built-In Timer That Works Like You Do

BillingTracker Pro includes several simple tools to help you better manage your bookkeeping or accounting practice. The software's built-in timer makes it easy to rapidly switch between clients and projects-time that sometimes gets lost, or is difficult to account for. If you're working on project A, and a client from project B calls, you can click over to project B's timer instantaneously. Finish your call? One simple click resumes time tracking on your original project.

CPA Software That Generates Usable Reports

BillingTracker's report function gives you an overview of the billing and invoicing side of your accounting firm. From one menu, you can create, customize, print and even export reports:

  • For your clients: Provide your bookkeeping clients with an indisputable breakdown of your time and activities on their behalf. 

  • For yourself: See how much time you're spending on a particular client, or get a clear picture of what your cash flow situation is. Accounts payable and receivable reports are standard. Save frustration and money throughout the year and at tax time!

Invoicing Made Easy

Because BillingTracker has captured every billable moment, creating invoices is automatic and easy! Choose a template that meets your needs, then select the types of information you want to include. That's it! BillingTracker Pro generates the invoice for you, ready to be printed, e-mailed or faxed. 

Once you've sent the invoice, BillingTracker automatically starts a countdown to the payment due date. The billing software will alert you if the payment is late-at that time, you can generate a duplicate invoice or ask staff to make a friendly collection phone call. Want to know who owes what? BillingTracker keeps a running tally of invoices vs. collections-at a glance, you'll be able to see which clients are up to date, and which owe a balance.

Save Time, and Money, with BillingTracker

Manage your projects at a glance with BillingTracker Pro invoicing software



Use the timer to capture every billable minute with BillingTracker Pro invoice software for small business



Manage your client's payments to you with BillingTracker Pro accounting and invoicing software

Use this module when you have more than one user using BillingTracker Pro invoicing software

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