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Time and Billing Software for Attorneys & Law Firms

Time and Billing Software for Lawyers and Attorneys
Frustrated with your current method of tracking time and billing for your law

office? BillingTracker Pro is the perfect billing and invoicing software for your growing practice. Whether you bill hourly, flat-rate, retainer or even on a contingency basis, BillingTracker makes tracking your work (and getting paid!) easy.

From Installation to Invoicing in Minutes

Need to get your time tracking and invoicing under control, but don't have the time to learn a complex piece of software? Consider BillingTracker Pro, a powerful program with a very short learning curve. Whether you provide divorce law, family law, real estate law, patent law, or civil/criminal law services, BillingTracker Pro makes time billing easy on you and your staff. But why take our word for it? Click here to see what others have said about BillingTracker's ease of use, or here to download a free trial version.

Flexible Time Billing Software

BillingTracker Pro lets you track your time in the way that works best for your law firm. Use the built-in timer to automatically track your client and case activities - and when the inevitable interruptions occur, a mere click of a mouse lets you switch time tracking from one client to another. And the timer can be set to record minimal periods of time - if your law practice bills in 15-minute increments for example, BillingTracker Pro's timer will adjust your times accordingly.

Intuitive Reports Help You Take Care of Business

The reports in BillingTracker Pro are designed to give the legal professional the information s/he needs to take the pulse of the practice. Send the reports to clients in between invoicing dates to show them your activities. Ask staffers for their own case time reports to see if you're utilizing their time and talents effectively. Print reports for mailing, or export to PDF for electronic archiving or e-mail delivery.

Professional Invoices in Moments

It's no fun (nor is it very smart) to do the same work twice. That's why BillingTracker Pro uses the client and case information you've already entered to generate customizable invoices. Integrated invoicing functionality eliminates the hassle associated with your law office's monthly billing and invoicing duties, and ready-to-print or e-mail invoices save time, too. 

Once you've sent your client an invoice, BillingTracker automatically starts a countdown to the payment due date. The time billing software will alert you if the payment is late-at that time, you can easily reprint any unpaid or partially paid invoices and resend to the client.

Save Time, and Money, with BillingTracker

Manage your projects at a glance with BillingTracker Pro invoicing software



Use the timer to capture every billable minute with BillingTracker Pro invoice software for small business



Manage your client's payments to you with BillingTracker Pro accounting and invoicing software

Use this module when you have more than one user using BillingTracker Pro invoicing software

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