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The core function of BillingTracker Pro is to log hours and then have them automatically tallied to create a detailed invoice. Logging hours is what professionals do and it’s what BillingTracker Pro does best.

The key to logging all the hours that you actually work is to make it simple. Simple billing makes for complete billing. The ‘Manage Daily Work – Log Hours’ screen lists the hours in a timesheet format. There are columns for date, number of hours, description of the work, which invoice the work has been billed to, if the work is billable or not, and who did the work (if you are working in multi-user mode). There are four large buttons to choose from – to add a new time entry, to edit an existing one, to delete it, and to start the timer. See the timer screenshot page for more details on that feature.

The screen where you add hourly entries, called ‘New Daily Work – Log Hours’, could not be simpler. When you open the screen the client and project are already listed. Today’s date is also filled-in, but you can change that with one click if you are entering time for a different day. Simply enter the number of hours you worked and a description of what you did. You can also choose whether to mark these hours as billable or not (the default is set to billable). You can even change the default hourly rate if you want to charge more or less for this particular entry. If you don’t do anything then the default rate will be calculated when creating the invoice.

The number of hours is in 1/100 format, so for example one hour and thirty minutes is listed as 1.5 hours.

When you log new hours, you will often only need to enter the number of hours and the description – everything else if filled in automatically. Thus, building your own timesheet flows very naturally and the information is automatically transferred to the invoice when you want to bill the client.

Manage Daily Work

New Daily Work

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